The art of making Anjali sesame oil

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The consistency in taste of the Sesame oil is very crucial in its making. As the seeds are sourced from various farms and various places, the quality and natural oil content of the seeds will vary. But an established brand couldn’t be inconsistent in the taste of their product. The expertise in delivering the taste consistency matters a lot!

Step 1:  Sesame Seeds Procurement

We choose the sesame seeds for crushing by selecting handpicked quality to ensure our quality standard starts from farm to fork.

Step 2:  Quality Clearance

The Sesame seeds are tested in the laboratory to check the oil quality and the oil content before they get into the production line. Without the quality clearance from the quality control, the seeds will not be allowed to go to the production line.

Step 3: Cleaning

The Sesame seeds are cleaned in three stages, in first stage we remove the mud and dust from the seeds, second stage we remove the wastage which come along with the plants from the farm and finally in the third stage the immature sesame seeds are all removed.

Step 4: Crushing

The cold pressed Sesame oil comes out by crushing the Sesame seeds in a traditional way by machines (Chekku).

Step 5: Filtering

The sesame oil is filtered to remove the sediments.

Step 6: Quality Assessment

The Quality control department ensures the quality of the oil by testing in the laboratory. After the lab analysis the oil undergoes physical analysis such as Odor, Color and the taste before get into packing.

Step 7 Packing

Sesame oil is packed in pouches and HTPE containers ranging from 50ml to 5 Lt. We also pack in tins of 15kgs


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