Gingelly Oil 5 Lt. Plus 1 Lt. Free


(₹336.66 Per Litre)

Anjali Sesame oil are pressed from carefully chosen sesame seeds from fields across India and processed adhering to high quality standards ensuring the consistent taste of sesame oil across all seasons and Anjali various packing sizes. Enjoy the goodness of sesame oil with Anjali. 


Contains5 Litres Can of Gingelly/Sesame Oil, With Offer of 1 Litre Can Gingelly Oil

Cooking:  Sesame oil has a slightly nutty taste, making it excellent for stir- fried dishes and salad dressings. Research suggests it also has a host of health benefits. Sesame oil may help lower cholesterol and inflammation in the body and also reduce blood pressure.   Mouthwash.  Sesame oil’s antibacterial qualities make it an effective mouth rinse. Using oil as a mouthwash is an Ayurvedic technique known as oil pulling.   Constipation relief.  Anecdotal evidence indicates that diluted sesame oil may help relieve minor constipation. To use, mix one to two tablespoons of sesame oil with water, and drink twice a day.   Hair and scalp nourishment.  The same nutrients and properties that make sesame oil beneficial for your skin also apply to your hair. Try massaging a small amount of sesame oil into your scalp and hair, concentrating on the ends if they’re dry. Leave the oil on your hair or scalp for at least an hour, then rinse.   Helps in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Extracted through no heat process to preserve natural goodness.Rich Aroma. 100% pure, unadulterated oil, ensured by the Fatty Acid Profiling process

Free from trans fat. Good source of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA); Decreasing saturated fatty acids and 

increasing Monounsaturated fatty acids in diet helps maintaining a healthy heart and normal cholesterol levels

No Preservatives. Suitable for use in deep frying, sauteing and salad dressings

Great for body/hair massage and oil pulling. Helps get glowing smooth skin, strong bones and teeth. Especially useful for children.

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